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Edda the Skald

- EDDA the Skald -

Name: Edda
Colour: True white w/ dark brown speckles on her face and belly
Family: She lost all memory of her life prior to the gods naming her the Skald
Abilities: Retrocognition; limited hero evocation/living memories
Sacrifices: Her eyesight and her memory (not necessarily willing - she cannot recall)

* more info coming *

Retrocognition -- Edda was given the power of retrocognition by the gods. In order to divine the past there must be something close by with significant ties to history. For example, an object (like an armor fragment, bones or a gravesite) or a strong historical presence (like on a field where a great battle once raged; or on the land where a magnificent empire once thrived), even in absence of anything physical. It is easier to gather information with something physical, however, and touching the object in question grants her a clearer picture of events.

She does not see the past when doing this, only accrues information, filling in the vast narrative of history stored in her mind.

Hero Evocation/Living Memory -- While in places of powerful historical energy (where the most revered or reviled heroes once made their marks - in deed or in violence) Edda may be overcome by a trance and will be able to live the memory of whoever’s spirit still holds court there. She becomes a spectator because, of course, the memories are only illusions. Nothing more. These moments, however, are the few and far between where Edda is able to regain any sense of sight, so she cherishes them.

Hero? -- 'Heroes', in this context, are not just the chivalrous adventurers the word often evokes. Heroes can be fiends too.

References: Fjord headshot by blue-horse-stock | Fjord pony 17 by Mirk-stock
Lineart: Horse Eye Lineart by Eternityspool

horse lineart, design & character © alittlefancy
quote from Völuspá, from the Poetic Edda
Creative block
I've been dealing with a horrible bout of being utterly unable to do anything. Write. Draw. Nothing. So tonight I decided to force something from myself, even if it be a rough something. Mostly just playing around.

From top to bottom, left to right
1. Edda - I've been playing around with this girl for a while. I like her simplicity (because I'm a noob) and I'm getting close to figuring her out. From what I have in my head so far, I admit that her hair here doesn't suit her very well (I did say I was playing around bit) but fite me about it. I'm going back and forth between her being a light, arabian-type or a fjord/icelandic, sturdy, robust pony, lol. The very first thing I ever did of her was a bust (that I forgot to put up) and in that she was an arabian-type. But, then I started thinking... I could just go full norse/scandinavian. And I LOVE heavy-type horses.

I know she is blind. And spotty-faced. And pinkish. Everything else is TBD.

2. ? - I have an idea for a character in my head and I started this one thinking of said character, but I don't think this is it, so it's just for funsies. I actually like... bits and pieces of him/her? Maybe a jumping off point for the thing currently just spinning around in my head.

3. Pentecost - So this is a character I actually play over at Beqanna. His design isn't really mine, because he was rolled for. But he is silver (shiny/reflective, though not metallic) like his mother, has black eyes and byzantium purple mane/tail. The one part of his design that I DID get to pick was his constellation (and his eyes colour, I guess). I went for Serpens, in matching purple, on his neck. TECHNICALLY it is on the other side (left) of his neck. He's still a baby right now.

4. Morvana - She is a very simple: bay, very rugged and wild looking; she is covered in scars and her plainness is interrupted only by her bright, golden eyes.

5. ? - Just fun.

6. ? - Just fun that's coloured like a nyala. (Fun fact, I freaking love antelopes. So many striking/inspiring coats going on.)

Please can someone bring my art back to me? :[
(also, I'm pretty sure I'm coming up with a pre-winter cold, so, that'll help)
The Hero Fairy
My second Fairy Design contest entry! This took a lot of work (most of which was today, fiddling around with... easily a hundred different colour designs... still not sold... NEVER SOLD... may continue to fiddle an enter a couple colour designs) but I'm super proud of how it came out so. Worth it.

This is for Kortne! She is a warrior, general badass bitch, umm. Eyes are red. She has a tattoo of a snake winding up her right front leg (Kortnee is a veterinarian, so it's a little nod to the Rod of Asclepius), she's got slightly tattered dragon wings with thick, metal-like scales on the lower arm. She wears golden head armor that has intricate designs that you can go ahead and imagine are viking inspired. She has cream/blond hair.

Right now she is TENTATIVELY named 'The Hero Fairy'... but, I'm still thinking about that!

Reference photo...
xxMysteryStockxx -


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